Visiones is a magazine of 24 pages per edition. Distributed bimonthly, also published in the apple newsstand.

Client — Visiones

Agency — Orbis Public Relations

Role — Layout Design, Art Direction, Digital & Desktop Publishing, Web Design, Logo Design

The challenge was to organically growth the popularity in the local community with a product of limited market.

The problem was that it was a product of a star up company with limited budget and without any sponsors. Which let them without the option of traditional market campaigns.

The solution was to use the cheapest and most popular channel the Internet.

Beginning with the social media platform of Facebook which contained the highest concentration of the targeted users.

Visionespr facebook fan page

Newsstand App for Ipad

Mobile & Desktop website

The results obtained was a lot of local popularity. In only 1 year it gained 12k followers in their Facebook fan page.

Logo design

The client wanted their logo to have an eye as the core of their image.

"He always had initiative in the presentation, creation and implantation of ideas that helped growth our brand and reached our public. As an example of those ideas, he did all the research, creation and implementation of applications to our magazine for Apple and Android systems. Also, the creation and maintenance of our website and monitoring our Facebook page was part of his voluntarily responsibilities."

-Mrs. Lizbeth Algarín

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