He always had an initiative in the presentation, creation, and implantation of ideas that helped grow our brand and reached our public. As an example of those ideas, he did all the research, creation and implementation of applications to our magazine for Apple and Android systems. Also, the creation and maintenance of our website and monitoring our Facebook page was part of his voluntary responsibilities."

-Mrs. Lizbeth Algarín
CEO, Orbis Nunc Public Agency


Visiones is a magazine of 24 pages per edition. Distributed bimonthly, also published in the Apple Newsstand. My role as creative director was to design the customer experience and make all the creative decisions for the product.



The problem

A start-up company with a very limited budget. Which let them without the option of traditional market campaigns. That meant we had to be very creative with our advertising techniques and positioning of the brand strategically.

The challenge

To organically grow the popularity in the local community with a product of a limited market.

The objective

For the magazine was to gain popularity with the general public, in order to organically grow fans that could promote the product by word of mouth and not having to spend money on advertising.

The target market is very niche and with few competitors. Which also represented, in this case, a market with difficulty for investors.

edicion 7



After some initial research, we quickly discover that our target market was female and 40-50 years old and very active in social media (specifically Facebook). The advertising budget was used to test the metrics of the posts.

Seeing that our readers were highly engaged in social media. I decided that adding a digital version was a more viable approach for our audience. Thus designing a website in which we blogged our articles and published our previous editions.

Additionally, seeing that mobile devices were trending and tablets were similar in size to a magazine. I designed and published the magazine in the Apple Newsstand, generating a more dynamic and accessible product for our readers.




To use the cheapest and most popular channel on the Internet. Beginning with the social media platform of Facebook which contained the highest concentration of the targeted users.


I helped Visiones achieve a lot of local popularity. In only 1 year it gained 12,000 followers on their Facebook fan page.

Ipad Newstand


This was a very fun project for me in which I was part of for 2 years. I learn a lot, especially transitioning from print design to digital.

In this company, I had my first experience designing a website using Adobe Muse, while it was easy and fun I did not take into account the size and forgot to optimize (compress) my images, the result, a very painless slow loading website.

The most challenging part of this project for me personally was the limited budget. Which forced me to be creative, very creative. I was able to break the regular mold and create viable alternatives that the company never even consider possible.

What surprised me the most was to understand that popularity does not equal a successful business. There many parts that need to fit together in order to thrive, and it was a project that needed more budget to include a bigger team of people in order to leap to the next level.


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