I'm very happy with the brand. José definitely exceeded my expectations by going above and beyond what was asked or requested by me. I also appreciate the advice and guidance throughout the whole process.

My Business has improved by having a consistent visual representation, which is very important in my opinion. I am able to take this new image and incorporate it into many of my marketing techniques to further increase business."

-Mr. Anthony Grech


SOAB is a tanning salon that bought a previous tanning place location for local customers in Wyandotte, MI. It serves the people by having a youthful beach-like atmosphere. My role was to create the brand look and feel.

SOAB Brand Sheet


The Challenge

Some key problems that SOAB as a business was experiencing were:

  • Struggling to keep everything consistent.
  • Advice and guidance on what the next steps were.
  • Differentiate from other tanning business in the area (since is a very competitive business).
  • Current customers were not the ideal clients for the company (40-50 years old females).

Project Goals

  • Attract a young crowd (18-30 years old females) through the use of modern visuals and creative marketing.
  • To generate revenue from new clients.



The first step in this project was to research who the current customers were and how other tanning salons market their brand.

I found out that all the local competitors had very weak visual imaging. Which led to user interviews and found that the most prominent decision factors for clients were trust and cost.

The stakeholder's decision made was to test lower prices during the first year of business to acquire new customers.

This research also revealed that in order to gain trust the best approach was through referrals. So in order to stand out, they needed not only to have a strong visual brand but a great consumer experience.


I found that color is vital for tanning salons. Most all of them use Orange & Yellow.

Yellow – Optimistic, Cheerful, Playful & Happy.

Orange – Hot, Fresh, Youthful, Creative & Adventurous.

I chose to use blue as a differentiation from the competitors.

Blue – Sea, Sensitivity, Relaxed & Trust.

For these reasons, in the end, the primary colors of the brand are yellow and blue and all of the secondary, active colors to represent beach vibes. While reinforcing this decision with visual elements such as images of beaches, palms, sunglasses, etc. and patterns and textures that resemble sand, rays of sun and waves of water.


For headlines cocogoose letterpress, which resembled a sand texture. And for the body of text in all other areas Gotham, which is very versatile in weights and modern looking.

SOAB Logo options (4)
SOAB Logo options (2)
SOAB Logo options (1)
SOAB Logo options (3)


The strategies implemented brought more of the ideal clients to the establishment. Referrals through the marketed offers via traditional print and Facebook were measured and worked. On average new clients became regular consumers.


I was surprised at the broadness of the clients you can target in this particular industry. It turned out even males tan (who knew?).

The actual clientele prior to building the new brand. Stayed loyal customers after the rebrand while we successfully attracted more of our ideal clients at the same time.

I really enjoyed the design process because I was able to be very flexible and creative with the decisions I was making, because of the particular audience I was designing for.

The final results demonstrated that the decisions and direction taken matched the insights gathered in the user research. And that I successfully understood my targeted audience.


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