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What a wonderful logo you've designed for this app! Great use of iconography throughout your entire project!."

– Mrs. Michelle Coutinho
UI Designer


QikFit is a responsive web app that aims to help people get into the habit of exercising for those who are either new or returning to fitness.

It encourages the users by providing guides, easy & short routines, plus rewards and being able to share their achievements and routines with friends.

My role was to design the user flow, wireframes, and the user interface style; using the research data provided by the UX team.


The Challenge

Finding exercise routines for your level and schedule can be difficult, especially if you want to try something new. This responsive web app aims to help people get into an exercise of their choice by making exercise really easy and manageable.

The web app is designed to encourage people who want to exercise get into an easy routine for physical activities. This means fitting in as little as a 5-minute routine.

Project Goals

  • Help people become healthy and enjoy the associated benefits of exercising (better mood, weight management, reduce risks of illness, etc.).
  • To save time by fitting exercises that can be done anywhere.
  • Keep exercise on schedule by adding sessions to their personal calendar.
  • Motivate people into an exercise routine that suits their level, schedule, and interests.


User Persona 

QikFit Persona

Information Architecture

After acknowledging the user goals and understanding their behaviors. I created a user flow to envision the key features of the app in order to create low-fidelity wireframes.

Feature Requirements:

  • Search and filter exercise videos (based on type, difficulty level, length, etc.)
  • Exercise scheduler (based on exercise interests and actual daily routine: commute, sit at desk, etc.)
  • Option to add sessions to a calendar.
  • A game layer with individual daily challenges, achievements, and/or rewards.
  • Social sharing for routines or favorite exercises.
Fitted User Flow Diagram




Visual Language

Style Tiles

I created two mood boards to represent the feelings targeting different user groups.

QikFit Style Titles v1

For this board I wanted to focus more on the health and time management aspect. Everyday life people making it and
being happy with their results.

Clean aesthetics and a lot of green representing earthly food against processed junk. Also, I included a dashboard because the audience is tech savvy and concrete data would make them motivated to keep progress.

QikFit Style Titles v2

This board is more focused on the motivation aspect and having a social element to give the audience a sense of club belonging. In here is more important the ‘ideal’ state, by society’s measure.

Style Guide

To improve communication and productivity of the team is important to have a design system that acts as a standard for the project.


QikFit Style Guide





An app that encourages users by providing guides, easy & short routines, plus rewards and being able to share their achievements and routines with friends.

Splash screen animation-min


Coming from a graphic design background I really enjoyed this project because is a great challenge to come up with an effective and simple solution for each screen.

It was very insightful to see popular design patterns while ideating different possible solutions to the design problems because the most popular trends are effective in delivering a familiar interface to the users.


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