As a whole, excellent work on your first assignment. Great layout, well-organized information. You created a good in-depth analysis. This work will be used as an example for later students to follow."

– Mr. Tim Antonov
UX Designer

LearnMe App

LearnMe is an app for college students that helps them learn new vocabulary in any subject matter. It solves this problem by having an online database in which they can interact with other students or tutors materials.

My role was to do all the UX/UI design process. I collaborated with a tutor and a mentor.


The Challenge

Students need a way to methodically categorize, reference, and study new vocabulary and concepts so they can move forward confidently in their field.

Project Goals

  • Empower people to learn new vocabulary.
  • This application is meant to be used on-the-go for quick 5–10 minutes study sessions.


Competitor Research

To have a better understanding of what the current vocabulary learning apps offer in the marketplace. The 3 most popular apps were researched, to outline their strength and weaknesses and see where we had the opportunity to improve.

User Research

For a better understanding of the user needs. User interviews were conducted with 3 people who are currently in the process of learning a new subject matter.

The main research goals were:

  • Understanding their main points of frustrations and goals. When learning new material.
  • Assess their learning style and preference.
  • Which resources they mainly use to study.

User Needs & Persona

From the information gathered in the research phase. A proto-persona was created with the needs, goals, and frustrations of our users. To have a stronger emotional connection with them while developing the product. Other techniques used in this phase to keep the team looking in the same direction were: user stories, job stories, and problem/hypothesis statements.



Information Architecture

After the main tasks, the persona will need to accomplish his goals were identified. User flows and task analyses were used in order to visualize how to expect the persona to move through the “information space” and get a stronger sense of the grouping and labeling needed within the app.


Wireframing & Prototyping

The wireframing process started with pen and paper sketching low fidelity wireframes in order to test ideas in the visual space, fast. The UI decisions made at this stage were based on the previous research data.

From these wireframes, a prototype was created using prottapp. To conduct usability testing and make improvements to our product.


Usability Testing

In order to test the prototype, I determined which tasks I wanted to evaluate and created a set of closed actions & scenario tasks accordingly. The test was moderated and conducted in-person.



As expected, several things went wrong with the design of the app. From the results gathered I was able to make further improvements to the prototype and UI.



Onboarding process (screens that show the user the benefits of using your application and/or the very basics of how to get started). 



Sign-up and log in that allows users to input and save their personal information. Admin area where users can access their information. The menu that allows users to navigate the application.


A way to upload new vocabulary words and definitions that allows users to input their own definitions, written or otherwise. A means of reviewing vocabulary that allows users to study efficiently and effectively.


A medium fidelity prototype was built, in which students could navigate the vocabulary by the categories they needed to learn. Built an additional community section in which the user could communicate with other students or tutors. 


I learned that sometimes is a matter of patience and things require more time or testing.

Interview/Test should always be dynamic and do follow up questions based on the user response.

Is very interesting to see how trough the process the project evolves and see how different initial drafts are from the final product.


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