Greko Printing

Greko Printing is a family owned business that experienced very fast growth since it launch in 2004, to where its now the industry leader in the Detroit, MI area.

Client — Greko Printing

Role — Creative Director, Art Direction, Designer, Branding,  Style Guidelines, Logo Design

The problem had been created over the years in which the company did not pay close attention to its own branding and was currently experiencing visual inconsistency all thorough is company.

The challenge was to create a new image that was congruent with that of the one they had created during their trajectory to maintain their current clients.

The solution was to establish them not only as a printing company but to also show their constant evolution in technology and ability to produce the work with faster turn around for their clients.

The result was a modern look that mixed printing with up to date technology, while also representing their value of fast service.

"WOW, I have to say I am impressed with this Greko Style Guideline. I think the content is Great and useful as our company grows and matures !!."

-Mr. Tony Grech

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