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My Story

As a creative I'm an innovator, always looking how to get to the next level  of a project. Diversity is of great importance to me, that's why I like to make each project different from one another.

I had the pleasure of working in teams, with different departments, as well as an individual designer in the role of creative artist. Along my career I pursue to keep working with positive people that are open to share their ideas and express emotions, above all filled with passion & enthusiast for they're jobs; meanwhile having fun and relaxing when necessary.

Being of Hispanic ethnicity I particularly enjoy working with people of different backgrounds, because it opens the door to infinite possibilities.  The experiences of working with people from different places in the world, cultures and varied ideologies has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my career as a visual communicator.

Ever since I have memory I been a creative:  from painting with crayons the doors and walls of my house when I was 3 years old. I remember looking the graffiti through the window of the car when my parents were driving to places. Staring for minutes the details of paintings in the walls. Taking classes: traditional art (where I used different kinds of papers, pencils and paints), photography, design and even a tattoo course. Until now that I have made from art a career.

People I have worked with had let me know that beside being a great artist it does not compare with the quality of human being that I am and that to me worths  more than any currency.

My actual ambition is to obtain more acknowledgment in the design field and being more active in the design community.



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