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– Short answer: Absolutely!

"Jose is inquisitive, readily available, and solves problems assertively with a consistent graphic force."


-Mr. Farrique Pesquera



Visiones is a magazine of 24 pages per edition. Distributed bimonthly, also published in the apple newsstand.

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Greko Printing

Greko Printing is a family owned business that experienced very fast growth since it launch in 2004, to where its now the industry leader in the Detroit, MI area.

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Leader in commercial appraisal wanted to expand their brand to target more of the private sectors.

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"He is very proficient in the use of

all aspects of Adobe’s Creative Suite that we utilized. His work is of high quality and he is very quick in producing the work. Jose has a passion for the Graphic Design and it shows."

-Mr. Hank Bharmal

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"If you have the opportunity to hire Jose, you would be wise to do so. You will not be disappointed."

-Mr. Rusty Lawson


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